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Tuition/Policies & Rules
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Spring Performance to be announced by September 1, 2019.
There will be two Performances at the end of the season.

1. Sibling Discount $40 dance wear voucher will be given to each sibling registered with another student enrolled
in class.

2. Tuition paid in full by August 30 for the upcoming Fall season, receives a $50.00 gift voucher for dance supplies.

Per Season September - May:
Registration fee   $20.00 per family 
One Hour Class - $515.00
45 Minute Class - $465.00
Dance Team charges vary depending on which Team a student is enrolled in.
(please email  us for more information)

*We offer a  wide variety of 4 or 6 week special class sessions,  throughout the year, as well, as Summer
Camps and Programs. 

*After your initial tuition deposit, the remaining tuition balance is made through auto-pay/direct debit, charged to the
 card on file, on the 1st. of each month.

1.  Tuition, after deposit, is split into eight equal payments, due on the  first of each month 
     September 1 – April 1 (last payment) Automatically charged to your card on fie.
​2.  Payment for tuition may be submitted in full, with a check, cash or credit card one week before the start of our season.

Costumes costs to be announced by or before Sept. 1, each season, as the prices differs from year to year in the costume catalogs.
Check or cash is accepted for costume payments. ​Each costume price includes all accessories, headpieces, & tights plus shippingand handles fees.
Costumes will be charged in two equal payments on Oct. 15 and Nov. 15.

* Estimated Costs: $70 per costume including *tights and all accessories - for ages 2.5-5  
  $80 per costume including *tights and all accessories - for ages 6-12  
  $85 per costume age 12+ including *tights and all accessories - for 
*Spring Performance tights: You are required to purchase a new pair of tights for the Spring Performance. 
 (tights charge is included with costumes amounts).

Production Fee of $25.00 per student,  due by December 1, 2019.   ($50.00 cap per family)

A *Deposit of $50 per class and registration fee is required  at the time of registration, in order to hold
the students spot in class.  This will be deducted from your total tuition.  
Deposits  and registration fee cannot be refunded after Aug. 1. 

Late Fee $20.00 for costumes and/or tuition 
Returned/declined payment fee $30.00

Please read the following information regarding our rules and policies - including cancellations, placement, attendance, rules, age requirements and eligibility. 
*We have a Referral Program! By inviting a relative, friend or neighbor to join our studio, you both will receive a $45 dance wear voucher in January! Please ask for a referral card, with full description of rules. Your signature on the registration form or registration on line, signifies that you have read and understand the Policies and Rules of our Studio.

 At the time of registration, the registration fee and the first deposit of tuition are due. The deposit amount depends on the class/classes you choose. Yearly Cost includes: class tuition, Dress Rehearsal and Performances/event days, (not Performance tickets). You are responsible for the seasons’ tuition balance once registered. 
December 1, of the current year you are enrolled in,   is the cut off date to withdraw from  a class without the obligation for the remaining balance of tuition... with the exception of:   serious illness-doctors note must be submitted or if  moving more than 45 minutes away  from the studio.  Tuition payments, costumes and registration fees are non-fundable. 

You may pay dance wear and special events charges,  on line at our website - you must log in with the email you gave us on your registration form, create a password and follow the prompts. You will be able to log into your account at any time, to make payment, view charges and past payments made or please  The tuition mailbox is in our waiting area, please put your payment in an envelope with the student/class on the front and what you are paying for. 

CLASSES A minimum number of five  students are required to hold a class. Students must be the designated minimum age of the class by Nov. 1. (or by teachers discretion) of the year they are registering for. We reserve the right to terminate any student, or parent of a student, from a class or program that does not comply with our Studio Rules and Policy. 

PLACEMENT OF STUDENTS AND LEVELS Students are placed in appropriate classes according to age, experience, and skill level. Dance classes are not always the same as grade levels in school. The students are closely evaluated throughout the season. Teachers will inform parents of any class changes that need to be made. The dancers best interest is always in mind. A student will be placed in a class where she/he can best advance with their dance skills. 

ATTENDANCE It is the responsibility of you and your child to try to attend every class. If you will be late or will be missing class for a legitimate reason, please call the studio ahead of time to notify us. If there is no answer please leave a message, or inform the instructor ahead of time. There are no refunds given for missed classes. Students will be able to take make up classes for any hours of dance missed. If a student is missing too many classes near our Performance time, they may be asked to stand out of the dance number for the parts of the dance she has missed learning. 

RECITAL INFORMATION Recital information and ticket pricing will be available as soon as possible. It is required that any student participating in the recital must also attend dress rehearsal. Costume payments must be paid in full by Nov. 1, in order for your child to participate in recital. Alterations for costumes are the responsibility of the parent or guardian. In some cases, costumes will need to be adjusted/altered. Parents of students age nine and older will not be allowed to stay backstage during the Spring Performances. We will have a parent volunteer and studio instructors/staff that will be available to assist them. Parents of students age eight and under must remain back stage during the Performances. Special seating will be available for you for the time your child is performing on stage! . Performance dates will be late May or Early June- date TBA at the start of each season.

All Recital rules and instructions will be sent out in the Spring. Costume payments and deposits are non-refundable. 
Costumes costs to be announced by Sept. 1  each season, as the price differs from year to year in the costume catalogs. 

PHOTOGRAPHS Photograph of students’ wearing their costumes, are held throughout a pre-determined day near the end of our season.  Your child may sign up to have their picture taken in their appropriate costumes during a designated block of time. 

CANCELATIONS Cancelations will be announced by email, on the studio answering machine and on our Face Book Page – The Braintree Academy of Dance.  The studio follows the school and after school activity closings, but, will not follow if we see unsafe for students/teachers to travel on that day.  Please check two hours prior to your dancer's 1st.class of that day. There will be a make up class list posted on the bulletin board in September. Your child can take a make up class for any of her regular classes missed for, illness, vacation, Holidays or snow days.  All make up classes must be made by April 1. Refunds and/or credit transfers will not be given for any classes missed. 

• The Braintree Academy of Dance is not liable for personal injury, loss or damage of any personal property. Every student is responsible to inform their teacher and the front desk of any injury or limitations, allergies, medical conditions, they may have that may prevent them from participating fully in class. Our student’s health and safety is our main priority.  
• Students must arrive at least 5 minutes prior to class. If a student is 15 minutes late or more, he or she will be asked to sit and watch class. This rule is enforced for the safety of your child, as they will not be properly warmed up and able to participate with what the class is now moved on to.
• Students must be picked up promptly after their class is dismissed.  
 • Dress Code will be enforced in every class.
 • NO SMOKING in or around the dance studio. 
No Cell Phones. All cell phones must be turned off and put away during class. 

No Gum, candy, or food allowed during class or on the dance floor. 

No street shoes allowed on the dance floor. 

No running, fooling around or yelling is allowed anywhere in the studio. 

A student must be able to follow directions and participate in the class they are registered for. 

The Braintree Academy of Dance is entitled to use videography and photographs of students, in any means of advertisements, contests, website, facebook etc.. *unless contacted by the parent or guardian at the time of registration. 
No refunds*, will be given for any classes or camps missed. 
If tuition is past due, the student will not be allowed to participate in class. If there is an outstanding balance at recital time, the dancer will not be allowed to purchase tickets until paid in full. 

Withdrawal from the studio must be submitted in writing and signed by the dancer’s guardian. Tuition obligations must be met, Dec. 1 is the deadline to withdraw without further tuition obligation. Failure to settle all outstanding balances will be brought to a collections agent. In addition to late fees, a fee equal to 25% of the total balance due will be added to the outstanding balance. 

Class schedules, faculty, observation week, and performance dates are subject to change. Notice will be posted in advance. 

Students must be respectful to teachers, staff and fellow dancers. The Braintree Academy of Dance reserves the right to dismiss any student who is not abiding by the rules and policies of the studio.

 this is to  keep you informed throughout the year. It is your responsibility to stay informed. This information will also be posted in the studio waiting room on the bulletin board. *It is the parent’s responsibility to read these notices and emails. 
If at any time you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for choosing our studio for your child’s dance education!

Thank you, 
Lori Putnam Hurley-Director

Studio phone 781-767-0500

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