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Welcome to Braintree Academy of Dance!  

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"It has been my experience in teaching all forms of dance that every student is a unique individual, and as such, it is my goal to take that student's talent and develop it to its fullest potential.Through physical conditioning and mental discipline, I strive to build self-confidence and achieve a high level of self-esteem in all of my students."
- Lori Putnam Hurley Owner & Director

School Information

Open House/Registration
Wednesday July 19 4:00PM-7:00PM

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*To register, please click on "Register & Payment"  in the tool bar above. A registration form will appear. Fill in the students' name and age, you will then  be able to choose the classes available. (Classes are listed alphabetically by day) To View the classes before registration form appears, please click on the too bar above "Class Fall 2017.

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BRING  A FRIEND...You and a friend will "each" save $90
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Please note: Our regular Referral Program is in affect now 
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AUGUST:  Thursday August 17, 2:00-4:00PM 
                  Wednesday August 30, 4:00-7:00PM.  


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